Len Doucette len@sprucehillresort.com

You Can also register by phone 250-791-5225 ext 222


Registration form for 2017

Team Owner_______________________________ Phone _________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________


Team Driver_______________________________ Phone__________________________

Team Driver Address________________________________________________________

Drivers Years in sport______ Vehicle/rig/unit length_________________________________


Brief Bio __________________________________________________________________

Drivers please note: parking lot is being allotted to your vehicles size.  Please make sure you let us know what size your unit/rig is.

Class entered     Fee


10 Dog ___________$75____

6 Dog ___________$65_____    6 Dog pure breed ___$65_____

4 Dog ___________$45_____    4 Dog pure breed ___$45_____

2 Dog Junior Class  $35_____ Sponsored by Canadog Junior Challenge

Ski-Joring _______$30_____ 

Sportsman Class __$20____  

Weight pull _______$ n/c ____ not sanctioned

Mushers Banquet and Auction tickets ____ $25.00 

GST included in above prices

Please enter total from above      $_______________

We accept Cash and Cheque
If paying by cheque, please make payable to “Cariboo Challenge Sled Dog Society”


Helmets mandatory for People under the age of 14

One bib will be issued per class for Entire event – A $25 charge will be applied on unreturned bibs.
Please note:
Purebred classes.
Dogs must be registered through the AKC/Canadian Kennel Club/UKC (or the National Registry from the country of origin) registered Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes or Samoyeds.
Copy of registration is required at time of race registration


I agree to be responsible for my conduct and that of my helpers and dogs, further I shall not hold liable for any reason, either the sponsors or the race.  The Jack Gawthorn Memorial race organizers or any other parties associated with this race event.  I understand and agree to run under the ISDRA race rules and shall abide by the official decision at the races. I agree to provide  – AKC or CKC registrations for all dogs entered in the purebred classes. I shall ensure that all dogs on my team are up to date with current vaccinations ( DHPP and Rabies ) and agree to furnish proof of same upon requests. No abuse of dogs will be tolerated, and I understand that immediate dismissal from the race event will occur in such an instance without refund of any entries.  All drivers will abide by the decisions of the race marshal regarding any such incidents.  Dog bags, snow hooks & brakes are mandatory.  No whips are allowed.

All drivers MUST sign _____________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian signature required for any driver under 19 years of age

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